The New Yankee Workshop

In this PBS series, craftsman Norm Abram demonstrates how to build quality furniture in one's own workshop using traditional carpentry techniques. Abram also gives pointers on restoring and...

Actor:Norm Abram



Duration:27 min




Season 1 - The New Yankee Workshop
07 Jan 1989
"After a tour of The New Yankee Workshop to preview the collection of furniture he will build in the first season, Norm visits a \"retiring room\" at the Hancock Shaker Village in western ..."
14 Jan 1989
"A good workshop begins with a well-equipped workbench, and master woodworker Norm uses one from his own shop as a model for the conveniently-sized and affordable workbench he builds in this project."
21 Jan 1989
"Norm shows how to turn the table legs on a duplicating lathe and reveals a few tricks for making mortise and tenons joints. Using a router and two special bits, he shows how the drop-leaf joint is made."
28 Jan 1989
"Norm travels to the island of Nantucket off the Massachusetts coast to look at a handmade blanket chest in a sea captain's house dating from 1790. Incorporating elements of this antique in ..."
04 Feb 1989
"Norm constructs a bedside table inspired by one found at the Hancock Shaker Village in western Massachusetts. Norm's design, made from pine, features a shallow drawer, table legs tapered on..."
11 Feb 1989
"Norm builds a bathroom vanity whose design is inspired by a dry sink he found at Fruitlands, a 1790 Shaker house and museum located in Harvard, Massachusetts. The vanity, constructed of oak..."
18 Feb 1989
"After a look at a pine trestle table in a Shaker house on the island of Nantucket off the Massachusetts coast, Norm constructs his own easily-disassembled trestle table of cherry, a ..."
25 Feb 1989
"A visit to the \"Stone Bank\" at Old Sturbridge Village inspires Norm to build a freestanding bookcase with a cornice detail at the top, adjustable shelves and a removable base made of pine. ..."
04 Mar 1989
"Norm demonstrates how to build a chest of drawers using Ponderosa pine. He cuts and planes the wood, glues the boards fro the top and sides. He also illustrates how to build the drawers including the drawer case, the frames, and the base."
11 Mar 1989
"Norm travels to the Hancock Shaker Village in western Massachusetts to gather ideas for his own design for a candle stand. Returning to his workshop, Norm shows home woodworkers how to ..."
18 Mar 1989
"In the kitchen of the Fitch House at Old Sturbridge Village, a \"living history\" museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Norm shows viewers an early American hutch, known in its day as a ..."
25 Mar 1989
"Norm demonstrates how to build a slant-top writing desk with tapered legs, a shallow desk drawer and a nest of small drawers and open bins fitted into the top. Constructed mostly of maple."
01 Apr 1989
"In the parsonage at Old Sturbridge Village, a \"living history\" museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Norm admires a built-in comer cupboard in the house's parlor. Norm's own design for a ..."
Season 2 - The New Yankee Workshop
06 Jan 1990
"After a look at a collection of wooden toys at Old Sturbridge Village, a \"living history\" museum in central Massachusetts, Norm builds a child's rocking horse from ash - a durable hardwood."
13 Jan 1990
"After a trip to the Museum of the Adirondacks to view a collection of chairs, Norm combines the best features of each chair to make his unique version of an Adirondack chair. He chooses ..."
20 Jan 1990
"Norm visits Kingscote, an elegant Gothic Revival house in Newport, Rhode Island, for a look at a mahogany butler's table with four leaves that fold down on solid brass hinges. For his ..."
27 Jan 1990
"After a look at an early 18th-century kitchen cupboard at Old Sturbridge Village, a \"living history\" museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Norm constructs his own version from pine featuring..."
03 Feb 1990
"Norm travels to the Massachusetts harbor of Gloucester to look at a high-backed, curved hearthside settle at Beauport, the home of tarry 20th-century interior decorator and antiquarian ..."
10 Feb 1990
"Norm visits the Shelbourne Museum in Burlington, Vermont to examine an antique pencil-post bed with a rope support system and a hay-filled mattress. Norm then adapts this design to ..."
17 Feb 1990
"Norm drops in on the Fitch House in Old Sturbridge Village, central Massachusetts' \"living history\" museum, to look at a chair table, with a tabletop that pivots back to form a back rest ..."
24 Feb 1990
"Norm constructs a kitchen table that functions equally well as a dining table or a worktable. Built of pine, the table features tapered legs and storage drawers, with a center rail joining ..."
03 Mar 1990
"In a departure from the traditional New England-style furniture usually featured on The New Yankee Workshop, Norm draws inspiration from the furniture craftsmen of the southwestern United ..."
10 Mar 1990
"In a change of pace, Norm shows how to build picture and mirror frames, emphasizing tools and clamps designed specifically for this purpose. Norm uses a mitre box and a table saw outfitted ..."
17 Mar 1990
"Norm uses biscuit and dovetail joinery to build a chest-on-chest from Cherry. He uses a band saw, table saw, and router to craft the sculpted, contoured feet."
24 Mar 1990
"Norm constructs a version of an English garden bench using Teak. He uses pegs, mortise and tenon joints to assemble it. He demonstrates how to shape the curved pieces using a band saw, how ..."
31 Mar 1990
"Norm builds an armoire that is based on classic designs and can double as an entertainment center. It has raised panel doors and is constructed of veneer plywood. He demonstrates many ..."
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Season 3 - The New Yankee Workshop
05 Jan 1991
"After visiting the Hancock Shaker Village in western Massachusetts for inspiration, Norm returns to the workshop to build two versions of the classic Shaker step stool - a simple three-step..."
12 Jan 1991
"A beginner's project, the basic sawhorse features simple construction techniques and materials, including 2x6's, spruce boards and plywood. As he did with last season's Adirondack chair, ..."
19 Jan 1991
"Norm visits the Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Shaker village to take a look at its fine collection of furniture. His version of the blanket chest is pine, finished with acrylic latex paint on ..."
26 Jan 1991
"Before modern plumbing, people got the water for their wake-up splash from pitchers and bowls, often kept in basins atop handsome wooden stands. Norm draws inspiration for his washstand ..."
02 Feb 1991
"Norm visits the Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts to see one of the surviving wall clocks built by Shaker craftsman Isaac Young. Norm's version of the clock improves on the past with ..."
09 Feb 1991
"After a visit to a community playground to see what equipment kids are playing on today, Norm builds a project near and dear to his heart: a sandbox modeled after the one his father built ..."
16 Feb 1991
"Norm looks through the Shaker museum in Old Chatham, New York, and finds a simple, beautiful design on which to base his version of a long harvest table made of cherry. With turned legs and..."
23 Feb 1991
"Inspired by a design he examines at the Shaker settlement in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Norm's wood box stores kindling in an upper box, firewood in a lower box and fireplace tools off Shaker..."
02 Mar 1991
"A perfect piece for behind a sofa or in a hallway, Norm's version of the Shaker library table is made of cherry, 48 inches long and a mere 16 inches wide. Norm reveals his secret method of ..."
09 Mar 1991
"Turning to the more playful side of county life, Norm resurrects the old fashioned, two-seat swing that used to sit on grandma's lawn or porch. Self-supporting and made of durable redwood, ..."
16 Mar 1991
"An unusual piece, the hardwood cricket table features three angled legs. Norm demonstrates the complex angled mortise-and-tenon joinery necessitated by this configuration, using a set of ..."
23 Mar 1991
"Norm assembles a pie safe with two doors, multiple shelves and mortise and tenon joints. The cabinet features a punched-tin front, which Norm fabricates in the workshop. Years ago, pie ..."
"Norm uses a band saw to aid his in constructing a Mahogany frame for a full-length standing mirror. He uses a router to give the piece a softer edge. The frame measures 68 1\/4\" high x 27 1\/4\" wide x 20\" deep."
Season 4 - The New Yankee Workshop
04 Jan 1992
"Like the hugely popular workbench of the first season, Norm's rolling shop cabinet has become an indispensable accessory in the New Yankee Workshop. The cabinet incorporates several ..."
11 Jan 1992
"Cypress, the perfect wood for this simple project is also one of the hardest to find. The search for cypress takes Norm to a river in rural Georgia, where a lumber company specializes in ..."
18 Jan 1992
"Norm has a lot of fun researching his version of this classic child's toy at the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum in Rochester, New York. The New Yankee version can be built from readily ..."
25 Jan 1992
"For this project, Norm uses his Yankee ingenuity to convert wood recycled from a pallet to usable pieces and demonstrates planing, edging, and other preparation techniques. Though decidedly..."
01 Feb 1992
"This project is the first real Victory Garden\/New Yankee collaborative piece. Constructed of redwood, it features open shelves for storing pots, a moisture-resistant medium-density overlay ..."
08 Feb 1992
"The New Yankee Workshop travels to the Hancock Shaker Village in Hancock, Massachusetts, to look at a rare Shaker tall chest similar to one recently auctioned for 160,000. Norm designs a ..."
15 Feb 1992
"A visit to Colonial Williamsburg reveals an often overlooked feature of every neighborhood fences. Norm is struck by the variety of functions and styles, from rustic and split pickets to ..."
22 Feb 1992
"Although strictly defined as a single piece meant to fit up against a wall, console tables were often designed in three separate sections: two half-rounds and a central rectangle. Norm's ..."
29 Feb 1992
"Norm travels to the Eric Sloane Museum in Rent, Connecticut, to examine the 2.69 list price Montgomery-Ward wheelbarrow that was the subject of one of Sloane's most famous drawings. This, ..."
07 Mar 1992
"The inspiration for the finish on the New Yankee version of this Victorian entry-way piece is the Arts and Crafts Movement. To achieve this \"burnt\" effect, Norm builds himself an airtight ..."
14 Mar 1992
"The New Yankee Workshop single bed is a four-poster with robust turnings on the posts and scrolled and serpentined cut-outs on the headboard. The bed is built from maple and pine. A bed ..."
21 Mar 1992
"The villagers of Colonial Williamsburg might not be called bird lovers today, at least not in the conventional sense. Norm learns this first hand as he inspects the inner recesses of an ..."
"Norm builds a ladder-back chair using Cherry and demonstrates how to weave the seat. The chair measures 42\" high x 19\" wide x 14\" deep."
Season 5 - The New Yankee Workshop
02 Jan 1993
"Norm builds his version of a perennial favorite, the Victorian kitchen table, using a design that combines the best features of three tables he studied in Britain. Made of century-old \"..."
23 Jan 1993
"This tall English country plant stand is perfect for a temperamental fern. The trick to this relatively-simple project is tapering its long thin legs. Norm demonstrates how to make a jig to..."
16 Jan 1993
"Norm visits a private collection in an English castle and discovers a Delft rack from 1780. The Delft rack - an oak rack that is the ideal way to display china and figurines-has a cornice ..."
23 Jan 1993
"Americans are mad for coffee tables! Norm's version of this feature of modern life is inspired by the English country look (there's no such thing as an English country coffee table) and by ..."
30 Jan 1993
"Norm creates two outdoor planters: one that's square with raised panels and a second that's simpler, larger and rectangular, with vertical slats. The master woodworker demonstrates how to ..."
06 Feb 1993
"This simple, versatile English country pantry table needn't be confined to the pantry: it can serve as a bedside table, writing desk and more. Norm uses a table saw to craft this piece and ..."
13 Feb 1993
"We call these buffets, huntboards or servers in America, but they're sideboards in England, and some are up to nine feet long. Norm's smaller white oak version has three drawers, ..."
20 Feb 1993
"After searching London's renowned King's Road, Norm uncovers this unusual piece. He then teaches viewers how to make a curved door from flat boards using a table saw and biscuit joinery for..."
27 Feb 1993
"Norm teaches viewers how to make flat panel doors as well as glass panel doors for the display area of this English country cupboard. Made of soft #2 pine with knots to impart added ..."
06 Mar 1993
"Norm's version of the indispensable kitchen staple, the butcher block, features a hard endgrain maple top instead of the usual parallel grain. The base of this English country piece is ..."
13 Mar 1993
"Although Norm researched arbors in old England, the one that he builds is inspired by versions from the New England island of Nantucket. Norm's arbor, meant for sitting and enjoying the ..."
20 Mar 1993
"Norm builds a secretary writing desk out of pine. Viewers can learn how to craft breadboard corners for this English country favorite, the most elegant and elaborate project of the season, ..."
"No description"
Season 6 - The New Yankee Workshop
01 Jan 1994
"Norm has thought of everything for this classic easel, combining his favorite elements from several commercial versions with a sturdy, timeless design that's all his own. The piece features..."
08 Jan 1994
"Adult viewers may be as excited about this doll house as the children it is intended for when Norm creates a true-to-scale replica of his now-famous workshop. Norm gets some ideas from a ..."
15 Jan 1994
"Combining functionality with simple fun, Norm's toy chest features a top with an inlaid checkerboard made of maple and mahogany, and even a compartment in which to store the checkers. ..."
22 Jan 1994
"Norm visits Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts for the inspiration behind this Early American hooded cradle, one of the most commonly requested projects on The New Yankee ..."
29 Jan 1994
"A useful space-saving piece of furniture, the trundle bed is perfect for sleep-overs. The top bed is low enough for kids to climb onto easily, while the trundle rolls out smoothly on ..."
05 Feb 1994
"Norm considers a historic example of the classic marble roll, as well as a huge mechanical version located at Boston's Museum of Science. His own design emphasizes safety, proportioned for ..."
12 Feb 1994
"The storage units are essentially three projects in one: a chest of drawers, base cabinet and matching bookcase. All three pieces are constructed from 3\/4\" oak plywood, making them ..."
19 Feb 1994
"Norm builds this project for the \"A\" student in the house - a desk inspired by the memory of his own version from high school. The durable laminate panels provide a smooth desktop surface ..."
26 Feb 1994
"Children always want a chair that is their own size. Norm's is one they might someday pass on to their own children. The beauty is in the details with this challenging project, as the ..."
05 Mar 1994
"Norm demonstrates how to build an alphabet block wagon."
12 Mar 1994
"The witches of Salem, Massachusetts may have once sat upon the high chair that Norm spies at the House of the Seven Gables. But that doesn't stop the master woodworker from building his own..."
19 Mar 1994
"Norm's blockbuster project for the sixth season is a playhouse that boys and girls alike will love. In this show, the first of two, he begins work by building the floor platform and ..."
"No description"
Season 7 - The New Yankee Workshop
01 Jan 1995
"Norm visits Old Sturbridge Village, a \"living history\" museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, to investigate colonial life and furnishings and returns to the workshop with a period design for..."
14 Jan 1995
"What better way to enjoy a hot summer day than from the shade of a graceful arbor? A perfect complement to any garden or deck, Norm's elegant pergola will look great draped in wisteria and ..."
21 Jan 1995
"True to its name, this handsome mahogany piece is actually a tray and table in one: the tray features simple, sturdy handles that allow it to he used independently of its stand. Inspired by..."
28 Jan 1995
"It's been next to impossible to find an outdoor side or coffee table - until now. Norm builds a low round, slat-topped model out of durable teak that fits the bill perfectly."
04 Feb 1995
"Norm builds a cherry bathroom vanity based on one he designed for his own home, guiding the woodworker through the details of constructing the vanity's raised panel doors using only a ..."
11 Feb 1995
"Norm finds his inspiration for this piece in the garden furniture designed by renowned English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Constructed entirely of teak, this faithful reproduction is built to last and age gracefully."
18 Feb 1995
"Norm visits Old Schwamb Mill, the oldest operating custom frame factory in the country. Back at the workshop, he uses both stock molding and several original designs to demonstrate the ..."
26 Feb 1995
"A visit to the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington launches this challenging and exciting project which is modeled after a \"class boat\" known as the \"Clancy.\" Back at the ..."
04 Mar 1995
"A visit to the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington launches this challenging and exciting project which is modeled after a \"class boat\" known as the \"Clancy.\" Back at the ..."
11 Mar 1995
"Norm begins work on one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted at The New Yankee Workshop. Brilliantly conceived and executed, Norm's intimate octagonal, screened gazebo reflects ..."
18 Mar 1995
"Norm demonstrates how to build a gazebo (part 2 of 2)."
"No description"
Season 8 - The New Yankee Workshop
26 Mar 1996
"The owners of this unusual table, Jack and Jamie of Schramsberg Vineyards in Calistoga, California, told Norm that it was originally a Mexican paymaster's table, carried on horseback, and ..."
27 Jan 1996
"Norm finds the quintessential gathering table - it's 10 feet long - in the wine tasting room at the Myacamas Vineyards in Napa Valley. He fully demonstrates his master craftsmanship by ..."
03 Feb 1996
"Norm spies this beautifully proportioned double dresser in a private collection of antique pine furniture in Napa Valley. This six-drawer desk is long but narrow, making it versatile enough..."
10 Feb 1996
"Another piece found in a private collection in wine country, this elegantly simple desk has an expansive surface, a single center pencil drawer and nicely turned legs. The original was made..."
17 Feb 1996
"One of the most impressive pieces Norm discovers during the course of his travels in wine country is a 200-year-old Irish Hutch owned by the Trevorses of Myacamas Vineyards. This pine hutch..."
24 Feb 1996
"In keeping with the wine-country theme, this project is much more than just a wine rack. It is the perfect system for people who take wine collecting seriously. Made of redwood and designed..."
02 Mar 1996
"Norm designs three natural wood lamps made from recycled materials to complement his collection of wine country furniture. The largest, 20 inches high, is a massive turning of heart pine ..."
09 Mar 1996
"Norm builds a handsome and practical storage shed outside The New Yankee Workshop. The 12-by-8-foot shed with an attached recycling and rubbish center has plenty of room for the lawn mower,..."
23 Mar 1996
"Here is a practical project that harks back to the first half of the season: the design for this nest of drawers is based on an antique found in a Nantucket shop. A 10-drawer storage unit ..."
"No description"
Season 9 - The New Yankee Workshop
04 Jan 1997
"Norm begins his search for low-country furniture projects in Savannah's famed Monterey Square at the home of antique map and print dealers, Virginia and John Duncan. On their veranda, Norm ..."
"No description"
18 Jan 1997
"On a sojourn to the quaint New England island of Nantucket, Norm found a wonderful lidded settle that can double as extra storage space and a hallway showpiece. Norm crafts a rendition out ..."
"No description"
"No description"
08 Feb 1997
"Norm couldn't resist bringing the romantic design of this garden gateway back from a visit to a historic New England village. This ambitious outdoor project features a spindled gateway and ..."
15 Feb 1997
"Norm takes viewers in to his favorite antique haunt on the quaint New England island of Nantucket where he discovers two distinctive wooden trays. Deeming them the perfect weekend ..."
22 Feb 1997
"It's a great family gathering table and perfect for playing games with the kids, Norm claimed when he discovered the original in a private collection in Savannah. The ingenious design of ..."
01 Mar 1997
"Norm spied this regal nineteenth-century English mahogany, seven-drawer chest in the back room of Alex Raskin's renowned antique shop on Monterey Square in Savannah. This well-proportioned,..."
08 Mar 1997
"Norm introduces viewers to the seventeenth-century craft of wood steaming when he creates this charming hat rack out of oak. To learn the proper techniques, Norm pays a visit to craftsman ..."
15 Mar 1997
"He may be America's favorite master carpenter, but Norm readily admits that he's a \"brown thumb,\" when it comes to gardening. This greenhouse is the perfect project for the serious backyard..."
22 Mar 1997
"He may be America's favorite master carpenter, but Norm readily admits that he's a \"brown thumb,\" when it comes to gardening. This greenhouse is the perfect project for the serious backyard..."
"No description"
Season 10 - The New Yankee Workshop
03 Jan 1998
"Norm spies what he calls \"the perfect occasional table,\" an antique Celtic pine table with a thirty-six-inch round atop four graceful, tapered legs. Back in The New Yankee Workshop, Norm ..."
10 Jan 1998
"Norm asks, \"Have you ever noticed that most armoires and linen presses are too big to fit in today's rooms and look just right?\" However, in a private collection in Savannah, Georgia, he ..."
"No description"
24 Jan 1998
"Though a gardener friend uses his handsome antique library ladder to display a collection of vintage watering cans, Norm vows that it can also be used for more utilitarian purposes. He ..."
02 May 2009
"Norm builds his version of an antique Irish bar out of recycled pine and gives it a high gloss finish so indestructible that he dares any woodworker who builds it to \"leave a frosty mug on it.\""
07 Feb 1998
"In Arizona, Norm goes on a search for Arts and Crafts-style furniture in Tucson's Historic Arts District. Responding to the many viewer requests he receives each season to build more of the..."
14 Feb 1998
"In a surprise twist, Norm opens this New Yankee Workshop from This Old House's recent job site in Milton, Massachusetts. While building a new \"dream workshop\" on the footprint of the old ..."
21 Feb 1998
"Norm's expedition to Arizona in search of Arts and Crafts-style furniture projects to build in The New Yankee Workshop leads him to Arroyo Design, a small custom furniture company in Tucson..."
28 Feb 1998
"For any woodworker who aspires to have a home version of The New Yankee Workshop, Norm builds a portable chop saw station, an accessory that he promises will \"make your power mitre box much..."
07 Mar 1998
"On a recent sojourn to Nantucket, Norm is invited to view a local antique dealer's private collection of children's toys and whimsical whirligigs. Inspired by their endearing humor, Norm ..."
14 Mar 1998
"Norm takes viewers on an adventure to Utah to witness the dismantling of a twelve-mile long railway trestle which was built at the turn of the century. Eventually progress and better ..."
21 Mar 1998
"Norm visits the Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington, Massachusetts. Built in 1860, the mill was purchased in 1864 by German immigrant woodworkers, Charles and Frederick Schwamb. The brothers did ..."
"No description"
Season 11 - The New Yankee Workshop
02 Jan 1999
09 Jan 1999
"Meant to meet the demand for more storage space, Norm's custom designed kitchen pantry promises to be valued even more as a decorative showpiece and as an example of his superb ..."
16 Jan 1999
"Norm's kitchen secretary solves the problem of creating a work space in the kitchen that still allows you to keep tabs on the dinner that's cooking on the stove and to take part in family ..."
23 Jan 1999
"In each season of The New Yankee Workshop, Norm crafts at least one woodworking project whose beautiful design and detailing ensures that it will become a cherished heirloom. This season it..."
30 Jan 1999
06 Feb 1999
"This is a Norm original, inspired by his need to sort his bright plaids, pastel plaids, and even a few white shirts for the laundry. Entirely constructed of durable, easy-to-clean white ..."
13 Feb 1999
"Viewers who share his interest in the culinary arts were on Norm's mind when he designed several woodworking projects exclusively for the family chef. For the pastry chef, he consulted with..."
20 Feb 1999
"Most woodworkers and homeowners own at least a portable light weight table saw for a variety of projects, but are limited to the size of wood they can cut due to the shortcomings of its ..."
27 Feb 1999
"The universal carpentry and cabinetry lessons that woodworkers will learn while making these classic kitchen cabinets will enable them to build any kind, says Norm. This two-unit piece ..."
06 Mar 1999
"Inspired by the recycling efforts of two professors and woodworkers, Norm Abram acquires some black cherry timber for use in a kitchen sink base."
13 Mar 1999
"Norm found the inspiration for this simple press cupboard in a Nantucket house he vacationed in last summer and was convinced that the antique original's modest size offered just the right ..."
20 Mar 1999
"True gourmets will appreciate Norm's more sophisticated butcher block-topped chef's table which has both great style and utilitarian value. Featuring a poplar base with graceful tapered ..."
"No description"
Season 12 - The New Yankee Workshop
01 Jan 2000
"Norm shows how to turn an average garage bay into a great home workshop. Using common building materials and hardware, he builds all the elements needed to make a workshop functional ..."
08 Jan 2000
"Norm demonstrates how to build a garage workshop (part 2 of 2)."
15 Jan 2000
"Norm crafts modular outdoor planters and a bench that are so versatile, they can be used to transform any deck or patio. Crafted out of river-recovered antique cypress wood, the planters ..."
22 Jan 2000
"Following a trip to Newport, Rhode Island to learn the finer points of the game, Norm builds his own special croquet mallet and a bench in which to store all the equipment. Sad to say his game is not good."
29 Jan 2000
"Norm discovers a beautiful antique porch swing that has been delighting fans for generations and decides we must have one too. His is made from plantation grown teak and looks like it will quickly become an heirloom."
05 Feb 2000
"Bowing to numerous requests from fans, Norm designs and builds a complex of clever spaces for the home office that will accommodate the family computer and all its peripherals."
12 Feb 2000
"This handsome trolley is just the thing to roll around the patio when there are beverages and food to serve. Norm builds this useful outside dining accessory of long lasting mahogany."
19 Feb 2000
"After looking through the offerings of a country store, Norm finds the inspiration to build a small lock-and-key style writing desk which was popular 200 hundred years ago. Any viewer who ..."
26 Feb 2000
"Norm adds to his growing collection of outdoor furniture projects when he builds this round, teak patio table that is big enough to for six to enjoy a summer lunch. Measuring 51-inches ..."
04 Mar 2000
"Norm wanders into a country European antique shop and walks out with a treasure, a low English server, also commonly known as a sideboard. Simple in its design, the long antique pine boards..."
11 Mar 2000
"You can't do the work, unless the tools are sharp... is the mantra of woodworkers everywhere. Norm celebrates this sentiment with a with a sharpening station that features enough space for ..."
18 Mar 2000
"Norm shops for a perfect gift for a loved one, discovers an exquisite jewelry case, and decides to replicate it back in The New Yankee Workshop. He improves upon its original design and ..."
"No description"
Season 13 - The New Yankee Workshop
06 Jan 2001
"Norm celebrates the 13th season of The New Yankee Workshop with jigs. Proclaiming them \"as important for the workshop as any power tool,\" Norm devotes the new season to building a variety ..."
16 Jan 2001
"Part two includes a jig which accurately guides a plunge router for making adjustable shelf pin holes, an ingenuous jig for mortising louvered doors and shutters, a circle cutting jig for a..."
"No description"
27 Jan 2001
"Norm's CD storage case promises to fool the casual observer with its handsome looks, and capacity to store and display over 200 titles. Resembling an old-fashioned library card catalogue, ..."
"No description"
17 Feb 2001
"Norm designs a clever outdoor cupboard that's versatile enough to be prized by everyone from the backyard barbecue chef and gardener to the handyman and would-be flower arranger. This ..."
24 Feb 2001
"Norm visits the fabulous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Built in 1880 by George Washington Vanderbilt, the 250-room French Renaissance-inspired chateau boasts a stunning ..."
03 Mar 2001
"Norm demonstrates how to build a dressing table (part 2 of 2)."
10 Mar 2001
"Like most of us, Norm has a mailbox he purchased from a local home center that now shows all the wear and tear of harsh New England winters. Determined to do something about its sorry state..."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 14 - The New Yankee Workshop
05 Jan 2002
"A well-equipped workshop will need a bench for a miter saw. In this two part project, Norm builds a useful model with extensions on both sides of the saw, an adjustable stop block, an ..."
12 Jan 2002
"Norm demonstrates how to build a miter bench and storage (part 2 of 2)."
19 Jan 2002
"Long after the last steamship sailed its last voyage, Norm sets out to build a New Yankee Workshop version of the rounded-top steamer trunk. Once used to store clothes for ship passengers, ..."
26 Jan 2002
"One of the all-time most popular projects ever built in The New Yankee Workshop was the Adirondack chair Norm built years ago. Now, with this Adirondack loveseat, Norm has the chance to ..."
02 Feb 2002
"The main business of Leonard?s Antiques, a group of highly respected antique stores located in the Northeast, is the making and selling of reproduction beds. Using both old original ..."
09 Feb 2002
"While visiting Palm Beach, Florida, Norm discovers an attractive maple shaving stand in the Flagler Museum. Norm recreates this unique piece of Americana using cherry to form the mirror ..."
16 Feb 2002
"Surely one of the most useful projects Norm's ever built for the shop is this work table. It's a light weight, yet sturdy, assembly table that is easily raised up on casters to move around ..."
23 Feb 2002
"Norm visits an antique shop and spots a small round pedestal table that the dealer tells him may have originated in Indonesia. Maybe that's why it was built from teak, a popular wood in ..."
02 Mar 2002
"If you've been looking for a small elegant chest of drawers then this Chippendale-inspired beauty is for you. Locating one is not easy, so Norm was delighted to find an original in an ..."
09 Mar 2002
"Friday Harbor, Washington, about as far north and west as you can get in the continental United States, is home to Walt Koertje, an artisan whose specialty is making glorious wooden bowls. ..."
16 Mar 2002
"An antique cherry nightstand, circa 1840, found in a friend?s house on Nantucket Island, is inspiration for Norm to build his version in The New Yankee Workshop. This square- topped, single..."
23 Mar 2002
"It used to be when you cruised the ocean on a liner you would be offered a comfortable place to read and relax on a sun deck. A deckhand would show you to your wooden lounge chair, often ..."
"No description"
Season 15 - The New Yankee Workshop
04 Jan 2003
"Norm's original router station is the most popular shop project he's ever done. So why change it? Well, in the years since he built the first one, he's been thinking up ways to improve it. ..."
11 Jan 2003
"How about a coffee table that once served as a portable platform to shear the wool from sheep? We're not sure how well it worked at that task, but Norm reinvents it as a handsome platform ..."
18 Jan 2003
"It would be hard to imagine a more graceful dining table than Norm's new Queen Anne pedestal table. The beautiful round solid cherry top sits on a sturdy turned pedestal and is supported by..."
25 Jan 2003
"Norm happened to mention to a reporter that he had never made an upholstered piece of furniture. This led to an invitation to partner with Lee Industries of Newton, North Carolina, one of ..."
01 Feb 2003
"In part two, Norm cuts the leather using patterns and tackles the padding and other steps before showing his new-found skill at applying the rich looking leather to the frame. It's all ..."
08 Feb 2003
"This jewel of a display cupboard will provide attractive storage for any bathroom. The top of the cabinet, with its beveled glass panels and adjustable shelves, is a perfect place to ..."
15 Feb 2003
"Organizing today's electronics is a challenge with ever-larger televisions, DVD's, amplifiers, speakers, CD collections and all sorts of other paraphernalia. Finding usable storage for ..."
22 Feb 2003
"Norm demonstrates how to build a media press (part 2 of 2)."
"No description"
"No description"
15 Mar 2003
"This narrow corner cupboard will be extremely useful in today's home where space is sometimes limited. The top section of the cupboard has several shelves behind a glass-fronted door, ..."
22 Mar 2003
"Norm finds a handsome dark wood French side table in a private collection on Nantucket. Made of dark hardwood, probably walnut, this single drawer original is straightforward to make; even ..."
"No description"
Season 16 - The New Yankee Workshop
03 Jan 2004
"Norm revisits Old Sturbridge Village and discovers an old table built by a colonial furniture maker more than 200 years ago. The ?Butterfly\" table gets its name from the graceful drop ..."
10 Jan 2004
"The folding room screen is an attractive alternative to divide a room or to seal off an unwanted view of a computer, a TV set, or perhaps a heating radiator. This handsome three-fold hinged..."
17 Jan 2004
"The flower stand is a woodworker's interpretation of the flower vendor's classic three-tiered display shelf. Norm built his version with hard-wearing medium density overlay plywood, a ..."
24 Jan 2004
"This bookcase will surprise many fans because it is unlike most Shaker designs. Elder Green built the original unusual cupboard in 1898 to contain a particular selection of documents in the..."
31 Jan 2004
"From hobbyists building a clock out of a kit to professionals building one from scratch, clock building seems to be a popular woodworking pastime. Over the years, thousands of clocks have ..."
07 Feb 2004
"Pennsylvania Dutch is an endearing style created by early furniture makers. Many pieces of this delightful furniture, painted with colorful primitive design, can be found at the Winterthur ..."
"No description"
"No description"
28 Feb 2004
"Lowboy's are similar to the lower case of a classic highboy. Sometimes called a dressing table, they often come with two small drawers, one slightly larger with carved decoration and one ..."
06 Mar 2004
"A pier table is a small table that is meant to be located between two windows. Norm finds a beautiful example of one at GKS Bush Antiques on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Made of poplar and ..."
13 Mar 2004
"Norm visits an antique dealer who commissions reproduction English antique furniture for his shop on Nantucket, Massachusetts. At the shop Norm finds an extension table, which should be ..."
20 Mar 2004
"Prowling through an arts and crafts shop of highly collectable Stickley and other Mission style period furniture, Norm discovers a wonderful oak desk he hopes to use for a small computer. ..."
"No description"
Season 17 - The New Yankee Workshop
01 Jan 2005
"Every family needs one of these. An assembly point for the family keys, hats, and mail, with the added bonus of a large mirror that gets you ready before you leave the house. This Arts and ..."
"No description"
15 Jan 2005
"Encouraged by his success in building the upholstered cigar chair in Season 15, Norm partners once again with furniture guru Norman Coley to build an oversized ottoman that today?s ..."
"No description"
29 Jan 2005
"With no television and few newspapers to read, our ancestors had plenty of time for card games thus, game tables were very popular. They often featured circular tops that were hinged and ..."
05 Feb 2005
"Lathe 101 is the first in a series of programs featuring the skills required to master a single shop tool. In this first installment, Norm tackles the wood lathe and shows the basic ..."
12 Feb 2005
"Norm has said many times that chairs are the most challenging projects a woodworker can attempt. Not only do they have to be strong enough to support the heavy twisting action of a human ..."
19 Feb 2005
"One classic furniture form that Norm has long admired is the tilt top table. Graceful Chippendale feet support a central pedestal, which in turn supports the tilting mechanism and a ..."
"No description"
05 Mar 2005
"Norm demonstrates how to build a highboy (part 2 of 2)."
12 Mar 2005
"Largely unknown in grandmother's time, kitchen islands have become indispensable in today's modern home. Used to house sinks, cook tops, storage for pots and pans, recyclables, and ..."
19 Mar 2005
"Way back in 1988, when we needed to make a sign for \"The New Yankee Workshop, \" we turned to a small company in Lincoln New Hampshire whose signs we admired and asked them to create ours. ..."
"No description"
Season 18 - The New Yankee Workshop
07 Jan 2006
"After tackling more pressing projects, Norm is finally getting around to building a mantelpiece for the master bedroom in his home. Though his home is filled with the beautiful furniture he..."
"No description"
"No description"
28 Jan 2006
"Poker is the game to be playing right now and Norm has a special project in mind for its legions of fans when he sets out to find and build the ideal table. He starts with the Internet and ..."
04 Feb 2006
"Over the years, Norm has created several clocks for The New Yankee Workshop, most notably the tall case oak clock with an imported eight day movement (Item #0405) he built a couple of years..."
11 Feb 2006
"Is there a woodworker anywhere who doesn't own a router? Ever since these ubiquitous power tools were invented many years ago, craftsmen like Norm have been devising ways to use them for a ..."
"No description"
25 Feb 2006
"This project involves some considerable effort. At the suggestion of a friend who, with his colleagues, is trying to restore a historic river, Norm agrees to paddle a canoe over some rapids..."
"No description"
11 Mar 2006
"Taking his cue from a pool house he finds on Nantucket, Norm creates a relatively simple, multipurpose structure so coveted by today's homeowners. It could be a garden shed, a place to ..."
"No description"
25 Mar 2006
"Norm demonstrates how to build a corner chair using cherry. The chair back is 33\" and the chair is 19\" square."
01 Apr 2006
"Norm demonstrates how to panel a wall by using various techniques. In his workshop, he outlines the procedure for creating classic bead board paneling, raised panel systems, and mahogany ..."
Season 19 - The New Yankee Workshop
06 Jan 2007
"One of the most challenging projects ever attempted on The New Yankee Workshop comes when Norm tries his hand at reproducing a Federal-style Giltwood Mirror. It isn't the woodworking that ..."
13 Jan 2007
"It would be hard to think of a more important element of a home's appeal than its entranceway. But all too often, modern doors are an unremarkable (yet necessary) feature quickly forgotten ..."
20 Jan 2007
"Arlington House sits high above the National Cemetery in Virginia as an imposing witness to historic events. Once the home of Robert E. Lee, it survives today under the watchful care of the..."
27 Jan 2007
"To see Martha Washington's bedroom, you'll have to talk to the Ladies of Mount Vernon, who look after the first President's mansion near the Potomac River. Although not officially on the ..."
03 Feb 2007
"Without dispute, one of the greatest collections of American antiques resides at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. One of the Museum's most popular displays, the original workshops of the ..."
10 Feb 2007
"Wyoming antiques dealer Terry Winchell wants everybody to know about the remarkable work of furniture designer Thomas Molesworth. In the 1930s, from his base in Cody, Wyoming, Molesworth ..."
17 Feb 2007
"Little is known about the handsome Painted Cupboard, which resides in one of the period rooms in the elegant country estate at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. On a guided tour with ..."
24 Feb 2007
"As with his previous programs dedicated to a single tool, Norm takes viewers on a special two-part program that explores the usefulness of the table saw. He begins by showing various table ..."
03 Mar 2007
"In the second part of the table saw tutorial, Norm begins with dadoing techniques, rabbeting, and building a fence. He evaluates miter gauges and uses them to make precision miters. He uses..."
10 Mar 2007
"The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is a treasure house of the first order that boasts remarkable collections of early American furniture, including some incomparable pieces by Goddard and ..."
"No description"
24 Mar 2007
"Prowling antiques stores for a suitable project for his own living room, Norm encounters Matt Buckley, an appraiser and antiques expert, who shows him an interesting Nest of Tables. Unlike ..."
"No description"
Season 20 - The New Yankee Workshop
05 Jan 2008
"In this introductory program, Norm visits a state-of-the-art \"kitchen lab\" where a premier hardware manufacturer studies ways to improve function in today's kitchen. Norm then returns to ..."
12 Jan 2008
"In this introductory program, Norm visits a state-of-the-art \"kitchen lab\" where a premier hardware manufacturer studies ways to improve function in today's kitchen. Norm then returns to ..."
19 Jan 2008
"The \"Hot Wall\" - or the cabinetry surrounding the built-in double oven, range, and range hood - is the first section Norm builds, using some of the techniques explained in the first two episodes."
26 Jan 2008
"The \"Wet Wall\" features the necessary cabinets around the sink and dishwasher and the requisite storage for dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and other utensils."
02 Feb 2008
"The pantry is perhaps the hardest working unit in any kitchen. A good plan, a review of how it might be used by the family, and some hard work on the design are essential to creating a good storage space."
16 Feb 2008
"\"There's a lot happening on this island,\" jokes Norm. And he means it. Clad in panels of beautiful reclaimed heart pine, this one features a butcher block top, a drawer-mounted microwave, ..."
"No description"
01 Mar 2008
"Often the weak link in home shop built kitchens is getting a professional finish that looks good and stands up to the wear and tear. Norm teams up with his painter as he sprays on two ..."
"No description"
15 Mar 2008
"A popular trend finds folks sitting in cushioned comfort on sofas and chairs that are able to withstand all kinds of weather. Protected by tough all-weather fabrics, these cushions provide ..."
22 Mar 2008
"When reading the Declaration of Independence, no doubt some of our founding fathers would have chosen to sit in a favorite \"lolling\" chair. This kind of chair, with an upholstered seat and ..."
"No description"
Season 21 - The New Yankee Workshop
10 Jan 2009
"Norm begins his search for low-country furniture projects in Savannah's famed Monterey Square at the home of antique map and print dealers, Virginia and John Duncan. On their veranda, Norm ..."
"No description"
17 Jan 2009
"On a sojourn to the quaint New England island of Nantucket, Norm found a wonderful lidded settle that can double as extra storage space and a hallway showpiece. Norm crafts a rendition out ..."
"No description"
"No description"
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